The Dynamic Island has been the most outstanding visual novelty of the new iPhone 14 Pro . It replaces the notch and is one of the best software and hardware integrations I’ve seen in recent years. It expands to display information and can even be separated if necessary. Now Apple has added new features that will please more than one.

The art of turning a flaw into a virtue

The Dynamic Island is the perfect example of what Apple is. They have turned what would initially be a problem into a novelty that is the favorite of many users of their new flagship. What could have remained a black pill that covered part of the screen has finally been a new multitasking center that stands out above any other smartphone.

Those from Cupertino have been able to do something extraordinary, and it will get better as third-party companies develop new features for the Dynamic Island. Apple still has a lot of room for improvement . You can add more interactions and news. Proof of this is this tweet from Ryan Jones, CEO of Flighty apps .

As we can see, it seems that Apple has recently added new ways to interact with the Dynamic Island :

  • Swiping to the center makes it smaller if it was previously expanded with apps like Apple Music or Maps. Interestingly, if you swipe in the opposite direction it goes back to how it was originally.
  • When there are two elements on the Dynamic Island, swiping from the right makes the smaller one disappear giving all the space to the main one. In a case similar to the first one, swiping in the opposite direction causes it to reappear.
  • Swiping from the other side makes the main element disappear and brings the smaller element to the front. Of course, identically to the previous two cases, swiping in the opposite direction will cause the original parent to reappear.

The truth is that the Dynamic Island is very interesting, and I think that Apple has an opportunity to set the trend of the market again as it did with the notch . If those from Cupertino continue to add features to the Dynamic Island, we could be, in a while, facing one of the best multitasking systems in the world.


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