Did you know that the iPhone is capable of recording time-lapse videos? If you don’t know how to do it, we will clarify it for you in this tutorial.

A great novelty that Apple introduced in iOS 8 on the iPhone was the possibility of recording time-lapse videos , a feature of the operating system that allows us to record videos in fast motion in a very simple way with spectacular results.

This photography technique is based on taking photos from time to time to later join them chronologically in order to show a dynamic scene, at a lower frame rate than normal video capture. Thus, we will have the feeling that the video is accelerated.

With the following tips that we show you below you will be able to make videos of this type in a very simple and fast way, with impressive results; also, with a bit of imagination, we will achieve some truly incredible time-lapses with the iPhone .

Guide to making time-lapse videos

Time-lapses are basically the opposite of a fast motion video: an ideal technique for capturing movements too subtle for the human eye. The first thing we have to do with the iPhone is to open the device’s camera, then we will move the mode selector (PANO, 1:1, PHOTO, VIDEO, SLOW MOTION and TIME-LAPSE) until we choose our option.

All we have to do next is touch the red button so that the recording begins, the images are recorded and the video is automatically generated. The operating system does all the work and calculates for itself the number of frames it has to display every second to achieve an attractive and quality result.

Recommendations for making time-lapse videos

Although videos of this type can be obtained in a simple way, below we will present some tips to achieve an optimal quality result.

Have the iPhone battery full or use an external battery

This function of the Apple smartphone consumes a lot of battery, so the best thing is that we have a high battery percentage or have it connected to an external battery so that the device does not stop at any time. Likewise, if the warning appears that we have 20% or 10% battery remaining, playback will stop automatically.

Have basic equipment

Although it is not essential to have the most advanced equipment on the market, it is true that some help will always come in handy. The ideal is to have a fixed support, which can be anything: from a mobile support or GPS navigator for the car, a tripod, etc. Having a support for the iPhone will free us from suffering the annoying movements that cause jumps in the final video, in addition to preventing the device from falling if some air rises.

Turn on airplane mode

Starting to record a video of this type and that, when we have been at it for a long time, we receive an inopportune call is somewhat unsettling, since the iPhone stops the recording; Although we can continue it later, nothing will be the same. Another advantage of activating airplane mode is the consequent battery saving.

Frame before you start

Not because it is something obvious should be overlooked. And it is that a large percentage of a photograph coming out well is due to the framing. Therefore, knowing what is included in the time-lapse and what is not is what differentiates a good or bad final result. You have to analyze the scene and, for example, if you want to portray a landscape, you don’t have to place it in the center, but use the famous rule of thirds to place the closest objects in them.

Better at night

This technique is ideal for use at night, since we can see the change in ambient light and objects that move around. Therefore, if we make a time-lapse at night and look for the movement of people passing by, cars or buildings, we will have to try to make the lights cross the camera to achieve a dynamic and attractive touch.

In short, making time-lapse videos on iPhone is a fairly simple process with which we will achieve incredible results quickly and efficiently. We hope that with these little tips you can get some great videos.


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