With its different ranges of smartphones, Samsung tries to appeal to a large audience with a clear nomenclature. The manufacturer has just renewed most of them except for the Galaxy Note, marking the death of this range a little more.

In 2021, the Asian manufacturer cleaned up its commercial offer. The Samsung Galaxy S21s were released in January, while the summer conference is occupied by folding phones. The consequence of this modified action plan is the disappearance of the Galaxy Note. If the company keeps the future of these premium smartphones in the dark, the renewal of the line’s names in South Korea could kill the suspense.

Samsung Galaxy Note have not been renewed but are still registered

The renewal of the manufacturer’s ranges must be done with the intellectual property agencies. According to the specialist site Galaxy Club, Samsung carried out this process in South Korea at the end of August. In the visual shared below, you can see four ranges are affected: the Galaxy S, Galaxy Z, Galaxy M and Galaxy A. These are well-known names in the market, since each of them has seen a new model to be released in 2021. Only the Galaxy Note range has not seen its name be registered again by the parent company.

That doesn’t mean the Galaxy Note is doomed, however. The name in question is still registered with KIPRIS or Korea Intellictual Property Rights Information. Samsung now prefers to use the Ultra version of its Galaxy S range to replace the Note. The range dedicated to a higher-end smartphone would never have found its audience and with the rise of Xiaomi, the situation has become untenable. For the summer, folding smartphones are now in the spotlight. Finally, like all market players, the firm is also facing a shortage of components.

While still nothing has been formalized, this new information further burdens the hopes of a return for the Notes.


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