Video conferencing apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, etc. are proving more vital now than ever. You can participate in your meetings from anywhere in the world. Fortunately, those apps have taken care of little details in their apps. While too many people using it is absolutely great, it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, most of these apps offer a mute option. In this post, we will tell you how to mute yourself and others on the Zoom mobile app on your phone.

If there was no mute option, conducting virtual meetings and webinars would not be an easy job. Imagine random voices and sounds coming from everyone’s microphone at the same time. It would be a disaster.

But luckily, you can mute and unmute people on Zoom calls on your Android and iPhone. Let’s see how to do it.

Note : The steps are the same for Android and iPhone unless otherwise mentioned.

How to mute the zoom call before joining a meeting from the phone

If you want to mute the audio from the start, Zoom offers an option to do so. Tap the Join option in the Zoom app to join a meeting. Next, enable the option next to Don’t connect to audio. That will mute the audio in the meeting from the start.

How to always keep zoom calls silent on phone

In the above method, you need to tap on the mute option every time you join a meeting. What if every meeting you join was automatically muted? Sounds interesting? Please check the following steps to achieve the same.

Step 1: Launch the Zoom app on your Android or iPhone.
Step 2: Tap the Settings option at the bottom. Tap on Meeting under Settings.

Step 3: Enable the toggle next to Always mute my microphone.

Note: You can unmute audio in a meeting, as shown below.

How to mute and interrupt zoom calls on the phone

Zoom has made it very easy to mute and go silent during a meeting. To do this, tap on your screen to display the available options. Then tap on Mute to turn off the audio. When you do, the button will turn red. Now to unmute, tap the Unmute icon which has replaced Mute.

How to mute others on Zoom Call

There are two ways to approach that: mute all participants and mute the speaker’s audio.

1. Mute all participants in the zoom call

If you’re hosting a Zoom meeting, you have the power to mute and unmute participants while you’re on a call. You can mute all participants or manually choose which participants you want to mute.

To do this, follow these steps on Android and iPhone:

Step 1 – Launch the Zoom app and create a meeting.

Step 2: Click on the Participants tab at the bottom. You will be taken to the list of participants.

Step 3 – Tap on Mute All at the bottom. Doing so will silence everyone. In case you want to unmute, tap on Unmute. Confirm on the next screen.

Note : If you don’t want participants to unmute themselves, uncheck the “Allow participants to unmute” option. Only after that can you unmute the participants, and they can’t do it themselves.

If you want to mute or unmute a selected person only, touch the name of the participant. Then choose Mute or Disable from the menu.

Note: In case the participant has been muted, and you unmute them, you will receive a notification that the host wants to unmute them. Only when they give permission will they be silenced.

Alternatively, if you want to mute participants from the very beginning of the meeting itself, then tap the three-dot icon at the bottom of the meeting screen and go to Meeting Settings.

Activate silence on entry.

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2. Disable speakerphone during a zoom call

If you are a participant in a meeting, you do not have the right to mute others. But you can turn off the speakerphone in the Zoom app to lower incoming audio during a call. To listen to the audio, you will have to bring the phone closer to your ear.

To use this feature, tap on the speaker icon present in the top left corner in a Zoom meeting. To turn it off, tap it again.

Troubleshooting: Zoom audio not working on Android and iPhone

If you can’t hear others or if others can’t hear you, follow these tips to solve the problem.

restart phone

To get started, restart your phone and then join the Zoom meeting again.

activate the loudspeaker

If you can’t hear others, make sure the speakerphone is turned on, as shown above. You should also turn up the phone volume.

get undressed

Sometimes we accidentally mute ourselves. So, tap on the screen and hit the Disable button. If you can’t unmute, the host may have muted you. Send them a message to unmute you.

Allow zoom to access your video

To do so, tap on the Join Audio option present at the bottom of the meeting screen. Next, let Zoom access the audio. On iPhone, you might get a notification asking you to give access to device audio when you join the meeting.

Grant microphone permission

To do this on Android, go to Phone Settings > Apps. Tap on Zoom followed by Permissions. Grant the Microphone permission.

Tip : Resetting app preferences can also help. Follow our guide to learn how to reset app preferences on Android and what happens when you do it.

On the iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone. Enable the toggle for Zoom.

Note: You should also check if any other apps are using your microphone.

Uninstall zoom app

If the issue persists, try reinstalling the Zoom app. For that, first, uninstall Zoom from your phone. Then install it again.

go on a silent spree

As you have seen above, you can mute in various ways in the Zoom app. The procedure depends on what you want to silence. We hope that you were able to mute yourself and others in the Zoom app successfully.


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