We are going to explain how to install Google Play on your Amazon Fire tablet , so that you can use the official Google application store and its apps. Amazon tablets are a good option if you are looking for a cheap device for the basics, but with only its own Appstore with the applications available on Amazon, there are many others that you may not find or be able to download.

Downloading the Android APK of the app you want from third-party stores is a good alternative, although it has its risks. For this reason, you will also be able to choose to directly download the official Google app store, although I will warn you that it will not always work perfectly for you , and there may be some errors and occasional stoppages as it is not optimized.

We do not recommend doing this if you do not have experience installing APK applications from third-party services, since it is a process that may cost you, especially since sometimes it is difficult to reach the download button on the websites where these apps are downloaded. Therefore, we are going to assume that you already have knowledge, and we will make the tutorial a little faster and more direct.

Install Google Play on your Amazon tablet

In essence, what you have to do is download and install four APK files on your Amazon Fire tablet , files that will install both the Google framework to be able to manage applications and services of the company, such as the Google account manager, the services of Google, and finally install also Google Play.

You will download these files from the APKMirror website, here are the links for you to download them in the order that we indicate :

Of all these applications you can simply download the latest version, except in the case of the Google Application Framework. In this case, you have to remember that the current version of Fire OS is based on Android 7, so you must download version 7 of the Google Application Framework , for example the Google Services Framework 7.1.2 of April 2017 that you see in the catch.

The rest of the applications, as we have told you before, you can simply download the latest version that is available, and thus you do not have to bother looking for the appropriate version.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you go to install the first app, you will need to give permission to install APK files to the browser you are using to download and install the files. Just tap on the settings button when prompted in the pop-up window and activate the permission, and then you can install the app you downloaded.

The last APK you are going to install is the one from the Google Play app store. When you have it, and if all the previous installations have gone well, you will be able to log in with your Google account . You can use the same one you have on other devices.

The first time you log in, the app may crash. Remember that it is not optimized. But in the end, you should be able to make it work. When this happens, you will be able to install or update any application from Google Play , even updating the pre-installed ones on the tablet.


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