Word is the most widely used word processor and it also allows us to perform simple editing of images. In this tutorial we show you how to crop images and remove the background in Word, they are very simple actions and at the same time used and only having Word can get you out of trouble.

If what you want is to edit your photographs at a more advanced level, we recommend using Photoshop, on our website you will find various tutorials: Photoshop tutorials

Crop image in Word

First of all, you need to insert your picture into Word, to do this go to the Insert tab and choose the Pictures option . Find the image on your computer, select it, and insert it into Word.

Once inserted, you can see that when the image is selected, the Image Tools – Format tab appears in the top menu . If you click outside the image the tab disappears.

That tools tab is the one you’ll use to edit the images in Word.

To crop the image go to the Image Tools – Format tab and in the right corner select the Crop tool. When selecting the tool you will see how black markers appear in the corners and on the sides. Clicking and dragging those handles will crop the image.

Note that when you drag the handles, you visualize the part of the photo that you are cropping in gray. Once you have made the cut press the ENTER key to accept the changes .

Save the cut you have made

To save the cut you have made in the photograph, you must go to the Image Tools – Format tab and select the Compress images option.

In the window that appears you must select the following options:

    • In Compression Options you must check both options:
      • Apply only to this image.
      • Remove cropped areas from images.
  • Under resolution choose the last option Use default resolution.

Accept so that Word saves the crop you have made.

Crop Background in Word

If what we want to do is cut out the background of an image, we can also do it in Word. This tool is available from the Word 2010 version.

Select the image and go to the Image Tools – Format tab. In the left corner select the first Remove Background tool .

Notice that Word has automatically set a default area where the background clipping will be done. You can modify this area by dragging the handles.

If you need to add or remove areas to the selection that Word is making, you must use the tools:

  • Mark the areas to keep to add parts to the selection Word has made, the added points will appear with a + symbol
  • Mark areas to remove to remove parts of the selection, the points will be marked with a symbol –

When your selection fits the crop you wanted to make, click on Keep Changes .

Save image without background

If you want to save that image without a background on your computer, you just have to right-click on the image and choose the Save as image option .

Choose the folder where you want to save it, give it a name, choose a file type and click Save.


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