Google has added an interesting improvement or at least a striking novelty to the Android version of Chrome. It is about the possibility of having a grid view of the tabs that we have open in the browser when we use it from the mobile.

A tool that is deactivated by default, but that you can activate by following these steps and that comes to replace the view that uses cards and that we have been using up to now. Here are the steps required to enable grid view .

How to turn on grid view

Chrome’s new grid layout replaces the list of cards and offers the advantage of displaying the entire window content as a thumbnail without any information being obscured by the rest of the tabs. At the top is the number of tabs, the option to access private browsing mode and to the far left, the “+” symbol to add new tabs.

These tabs can be removed by pressing the “x” that appears at the top right of each of them. In addition, we have the option to group tabs in the lower area of ​​the screen.

To enable Chrome’s grid view and Tab Groups, a server-side update is required, but if you want to check if you can already access it, just type in the Chrome bar this command:


It is also worth writing chrome://flags and with the search engine writing the words “tab grid”, so that it will take us to the option we are looking for. At that point, I’ve enabled the grid by checking the “Enabled New Tab Variation” option and then restarting Chrome by clicking the blue button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to disable Chrome’s grid view , just repeat the steps but mark “Default” and restart Chrome again by clicking on the blue button with the text “Restart” or “Relaunch” that appears in the lower area.


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