The Green_e company is based in Brittany. It offers its customers eco-responsible chargers available in commercial brands. MeilleurMobile was able to talk to Guillaume Bensi, founder of the brand, which shares its ambitions with us as well as its objectives.

In recent weeks, smartphone manufacturers as well as governments have become aware of their ecological impact. The French company Green_e seeks to enter the market for charging accessories for smartphones, tablets and connected objects. Guillaume Bensi tells us about the objectives of his company, created in 2013, which has taken a new turn in recent days.

Are all your Green_e chargers compatible with all manufacturers?

GB : We work on the industrial standards of smartphone manufacturers, which allows all our cables and chargers to be in phase with the manufacturers but also with the CE, RoHS and REACH standards. The objective is to prepare the products for a second life while remaining on high performance. All of our iPhone cables are certified Apple compatible. They also offer fast charges for almost all devices. The only incompatible technologies are those of Oppo’s VOOC and OnePlus’ Warp. The latter being proprietary, they cannot be used on our products.

How does the short circuit offered by your company work?

GB: Green_e chargers are available in various brands such as Carrefour, Boulanger, Leclerc etc. They come in a recycling package which acts as a letter T. For the consumer, just put in your old cable or charger and send it to us. On our side, once received, these materials are extracted, recycled and reused in our products.

Does Green_e take care of the material extraction and how is the production going?

Recycling is then carried out by our partner specializing in the treatment of electronic waste based in Normandy to be recycled and reintegrated into the circular economy.

Our company has joined forces with the Weecycling company specializing in the extraction of rare and precious metals. The idea is to recycle all components from IT products. You should know that for this type of product, China has not recycled anything since 2018. On our side, we have managed to find a solution so that it is a very short circuit.

Since the products are made in Asia, so with a sensitive carbon footprint, this is not satisfactory for us. A balance had to be found between ecological awareness and economy. We have forged a partnership with the company ECOTREE in order to acquire trees in France every month, which allows us to limit our carbon footprint.

Thanks to this partnership. We plant trees in France every month to limit our ecological impact. We are just under 1,000 trees planted since 2016.

How do you see the awareness of manufacturers on the withdrawal of chargers?

For Green_e this awareness on the part of Apple and Samsung is a godsend for us. As fast charging is a customer demand, our company’s products can be seen as a real alternative. In a home with a couple, there are potentially two physical chargers. With our compatibility, only one charger can be suitable for Apple smartphone and Samsung. Depending on our products, you even have the option of having a fast charge.

What is your opinion on the actions of the French government on the ecological impact of high-tech products?

It is fashionable to criticize the actions of the government, but it is clear that since 2009 and the COP 21, France has become the standard bearer of the ecological approach. Unfortunately, the only actions that work are those that are legislated. France has already done what is necessary, but the European Union must take concrete measures. We should ideally switch massively to USB-C, but for the moment Apple is still apart with its Lightning. In the forecasts, 25 billion are forecast and it still tends to explode. It is also necessary to force the use of recyclable devices.

Focus on the products sold at Green_e

It is also possible to buy the products online at or You have access to chargers, cables and charging kits for the home and for the car. The price of the brand’s products starts at 9.99 euros and goes up to a maximum price of 39.99 euros. MeilleurMobile is currently testing a charger and will deliver its verdict to you in the coming days.


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