At the Games Developers Summit, Google unveiled a new feature on Android 12. You can now launch a game on your smartphone without it having been fully downloaded.

The new version of the Google operating system is currently still being tested. A few weeks after its announcement at the I / O conference, Android 12 is getting new features here completely focused on gaming. During its Games Developers Summit, the American firm took advantage of this conference to make announcements to developers of mobile games, injured during I / O. Among the new features is “Play as you download” which we will detail you opposite.

Android 12 will be able to support the launch of the game in parallel with its download

As its fairly transparent name suggests, you will be able to play any mobile game from the Play Store while it is being downloaded. This will save you a few seconds compared to standard use. While the game is playing, the rest of the files are installed in the background, allowing you to quickly enjoy the title on Android 12. Google thus prioritizes the most important data by observing the behavior of the players. This feature will be especially appreciated when the title has to undergo updates. A 400 MB game will thus be available in 10 seconds compared to several minutes previously.

On the developer side, it will suffice to work on your game from the Android App Bundle format to provide your community with such a feature. For now, only developers will be able to use it in beta test, but players will be entitled to it in the coming weeks.

It must be said that with the global pandemic, the mobile gaming market has taken on even more capital importance. In the second quarter of this year, total spending on genre titles reached $ 1.7 billion . Among the good students in the field, Pokemon Go, blowing out its 5th candle . Since its release in 2016, trainers from all walks of life have spent $ 5 billion on the game.


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